Your Spiritual Journey

Your Spiritual Journey

Active Participant

My procedure this week turned out fine, but it had its moments. The Doctor intended to zap my eye 100 times with the laser, but at number 54 the trigger stopped responding. After a bit of back and forth between the Nurse, and the Doctor about the equipment and the controller software appearing to be okay, I chimed in with "Perhaps it's time to reboot the system?".


He removed the targeting lens from my eye, and they sent me back to the waiting room, so they could work out the problem. A short time later they called me back in, reinserted the lens, and off we went to complete the last 46 shots with the freshly restarted medical device.


I was very happy that we were able to complete the procedure without needing to reschedule for some time in the future, after a repair technician could be called in to make the repair. Who knows what a partial treatment might have done to my vision in the meantime.


They tell you to be part of managing your own health care, and it's the same with the care and feeding of our spiritual lives. If we sit back and let others make all the decisions about what they think we need, it may not produce the optimal outcome for us. We need to be an active participant in our Christian walk through this life. Sometimes it's not easy to know what the best course of action will be, but we need to keep trying our best, with an open and sincere heart, to get it right.


I pray that we never give up on ourselves when things start to turn dark in our lives. Realign yourself to the way forward that leads to the healing hand of Christ, and make a fresh start again.