About Us

About Us

New Testament Worship

We want our worship to be like the worship of the first century church, which Christ established. We learn of that worship through the New Testament, and the teachings and examples that we see there.

Each Sunday we sing hymns, enjoy fellowship, observe the Lord's Supper (communion), pray, and hear the word of God. We also take a collection to further the work of God in our area.

Near the end of the sermon, we extend an invitation to all to respond to the call of Christ, whether it be being immersed in baptism, or requesting the prayers of the church for help with the events of our lives.

We want you to be a part of our worship service, and to know that we are available to answer your questions or to study with you privately. If you have questions about anything at all, please feel free to ask us.


The Bible provides the example and instruction for leadership structure within the church. Each congregation is to be led by elders, who are responsible for the spiritual needs of the congregation. Assisting them, by attending to the physical needs of the church, are deacons. Both elders and deacons must meet qualifications set forth in the Bible. The word of God is delivered by our preacher and by other men knowledgeable of God's word.

Bible Study

Only the Bible reveals to us the word of God. On Sundays we gather to hear and to study God's word, to discern God's will for us through His word, and to be edified and built up by increasing our Knowledge and gaining a deeper understanding of what God wants us to do. We have Bible classes for all ages, taught by men and women who are knowledgeable in God's word. We have classes geared for topical studies as well as studies of scripture. Please come and be a part of our studies. You'll find your life to be richer for the effort.


Interested in learning more?

We would like to offer you a FREE Bible correspondence by mail.
Call us at 937.433.7922.
You will receive your first lesson in about a week.

Lessons in the Course:
Old Testament
New Testament
Rightly Dividing the Word
Faith and Works
Becoming a Christian
Acceptable Worship
The New Testament Church
You Can Be Just a Christian

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