Your Spiritual Journey

Your Spiritual Journey

Y'All Wait!

Y'all Wait!

In this world of high-speed messaging through multiple social media platforms and six second reels and Soundbites, the men of our congregation got “pranked” yesterday!
Those of us who live under a social media rock have not recognized the trend of groups of women who “prank” their men by having them wear the same shirt at an upcoming social event with all their other “gal-pals.”  It’s a play on our male simplicity of “if she wants me to wear it I will”… and usually done without question or any reservations.  Afterall, she thinks it looks good on me … carry on and gain your reward later!  

Until you recognize going into church service that at least 30 other men are wearing the same loud plaid, bold blue shirt (available in short sleeve and long) that you are wearing. And that moment you thought would be coming later… came now as you are entering into worship service!  “Nice shirt pal!” 

My wife later said she didn’t know which was funnier, the look on the men’s faces when they realized what happened, or the women high fiving each other! 

And to a man – “we” – did it without question or hesitation.  “Sure, I’ll be glad to wear it honey… I was going to wear something else but if you like that – I’ll wear it!  

It occurred to me later…. that’s the simplest obedience God calls us to.  His WORD… the bible. is filled with instructions on the love He has for us, the lifestyle he expects us to live, to wear, to act, to speak so that we can stand out in a crowd in a world that does not know Him.  So that others can see the unique – unwavering beauty of our devotion to Him and to be part of that amazing love covered by God’s amazing grace and mercy. 

King Solomon gave this advice in Proverbs 6:20-22, My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. Bind them always on your heart; fasten them around your neck. 

I favor the commentary from the book of “Fourth Mark 1:43”…”husbands, obey your wives for this is good and pleasing to them.” 

Yes, our “appearance” as a reflection of Christ, should be obvious in all that we do. 

But to yesterday’s folly, I will simply add this from what my wife’s grandmother might say…”y’all wait!  You’ll get your comeuppance!”  (Nah… they’d never fall for it!)