Your Spiritual Journey

Your Spiritual Journey

Love Can't Change the Past

Love can't change the past, but it can certainly make the future better. After a year of uncertainty, and testing my fear turned into reality this past Monday morning with confirmation of mild bilateral glaucoma with significant risk for complete vision loss if left untreated. Some irreversible blinds spots were detected in areas that previously had shown loss of optic nerve conductivity.

Devastating news, but not without hope. The doctor was sympathetic and offered to quickly schedule a series of surgical treatments for each eye to reduce the risk of further progression.

Rather than stopping to stew in worry about what was to come, I was forced to make a work trip across the country a few hours later. Navigating three airports, two rental car shuttles, and a couple of hour drive across a dark desert highway by myself was a test of will that had it's challenges. Fortunately I achieved the desired result, a safe arrival at my destination. As they say, when you get thrown to the ground, you should get right back on the horse.
Not feeling capable of trying to deal with this entirely alone all week, I occasionally shared my news with both friends and passing acquaintances through the course of my travels. What was reflected back to me was universally an expression of love, rather than indifference. Combined with prayer I found peace and rest from the weight of my troubles. By the end of the week I once again felt confident that I could get through this, with the love and support of the people God put in my life.
I pray that we can be the reflection of God's love to someone who needs it this, and every week. We're not going to change their past, but their future will be better than if they had to face it alone.