Your Spiritual Journey

Your Spiritual Journey

Grumble Audit

I had a preacher friend encourage his congregation to do a “Grumble Audit” in their lives. How often do we find ourselves complaining or grumbling throughout the day? I have to admit when I thought about it I felt a bit embarrassed. I’m easily tempted to complain about everything from the dirtiness of my children’s room to the person driving in front of me. Of course these can be frustrating situations, but by constantly complaining I’m allowing my heart to be burdened by trivial things. It simply isn’t spiritually (or mentally) healthy! Paul directs us in Philippians 2:14 to “Do everything without grumbling or arguing,” because he knows that we have better options. Instead of complaining about what’s wrong we should instead be focused on what’s good! Being intentionally grateful in frustrating moments makes for incredible spiritual medicine! This is the better way for those of us who want to look like our savior.

So take the time to do a “Grumble Audit” to see if this is an area of your life that needs some work. If so, let me encourage you to choose gratitude in the face of inconvenience.