Your Spiritual Journey

Your Spiritual Journey

The Great Deceiver

If you talk to an avid fisherman or hunter you’ll learn that one of their keys to success is to trick the animals into thinking you’re something else. Whether it’s a tasty looking fake worm on a hook or a piece of wood that sounds just like a hen turkey, outdoorsmen are hoping to tempt their targets into putting themselves in danger.

Satan works in a very similar way. Seldom does our Enemy show his true colors up front. Instead, the Great Deceiver tries to lure us into sin by offering us fake versions of something good. If you really sit down and think about it, all sin is either an excess or a deficiency of something good. Greed is an unhealthy excess of our God-given nature to care for ourselves and loved ones. Lust is a shortcoming of our desire for love and relationship that is part of bearing the image of God. The Devil dresses up his poison to resemble that which is good. However, we must be careful to avoid Satan’s calls and lures. We are not a duck, deer, nor bass. We can’t be Satan’s prey. We have a responsibility as God’s people to see through Satan’s lies and only live by the gifts that come from God.