As a Church we are constantly pushing for everyone to be active in practicing spiritual disciplines. Usually when doing this we point out how these times of seeking God will determine how close you feel to him in your daily walk and how well you’re able to keep his commands. The immediate emphasis here is your personal spirituality and relationship with God, but we fail to point out that in practicing spiritual disciplines your improved faith will also make an impact on others. The obvious way that happens is to realize that you may inspire other people to become more involved with their own faith. How many spiritual mentors have you had in your life that caused you to be a stronger Christian simply by their own example? The other way is through direct influence. Think about how when you feel closer to God you interact with others differently. You may be more forgiving, or patient, or even a better advisor because you’re more in tune with the Holy Spirit. Because of your individual devotion you’ve now guided and influenced others by your walk with God. I hope that you’re invested in reading, study, prayer, & community for your own spiritual well-being, but if you need extra motivation, think about how it can help your kids, friends, and others grow closer to God as well.                                  

Houston Haynes


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