Last week as we were leaving morning worship little Andrew Cross asked if Delaney and I wanted to go out to eat with his family. I asked if we could go out next week instead and he responded, “Or how about today? Because today is a better day.” How do you argue with that kind of logic? Unsurprisingly, that quick innocent sentence has sat in my mind all week, “Today is a Better Day.” With this happening on a Sunday I thought about the beauty of Sunday. How God began his creation on the first day and then so many years later Christ arose on the first day of the week bringing us into New Creation, and ever since we’ve been meeting on the first day of the week by example of the apostles. Is Sunday a better day? I think so. Not because we should be any more focused on God than any other day, but because we get to gather with our church family. And being with my Church family worshiping God, to me, makes the day a better day. Thank you for being here today and making today a better day.                           

Houston Haynes                                                            


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