I’ve written here in the past about how I recently got a dart board for my office. My previous article was focused on the correlations with sin and missing the mark.  Today I want to focus on the consequences of missing that mark. Over the last few months, with my dart board sitting squarely on my newly painted walls, the effects of “missing the mark” have started to take place. The first time I missed the board and threw a dart in the wall it was almost funny. Later a couple teens joined the fun and each missed the board a few times adding a couple more marks. Today I sit here with a portion of wall that is more speckled with dart marks than someone getting an acupuncture. As I think back to this example, as missing the mark by sinning, I never considered how each missed dart leaves a permanent ugly mark in the same way that each sin leaves an ugly, darkened mark on our soul. And the longer we let the stray darts fly, the more marks are made until our souls look ugly and foreign to us. No longer are the sins minor and seemingly harmless.  Now they’ve created an overarching painful life. The answer for my distorted wall would be sandpaper, spackle, & new paint. The answer for a distorted soul? Call The Carpenter.

Houston Haynes


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