We have a unique opportunity to serve this Saturday from our very own property in Trunk-or-Treat. This particular ministry pulls in dozens of people from our surrounding community and gives us a chance to be Christ to them and pour into their lives. Many of the people that will be here Saturday are looking for a safe place for their child to explore and have fun in, and what better place for that is there than the Church? We all know that the Church really is a place where we don’t have to worry, but can lean on others through our hard times and be uplifted continually. I hope that we can show that to our guests this Saturday by investing in them and showing them that the Centerville Church of Christ is a place for all to belong. It’s easy to stick with our familiar friends at a fun evening like this, but hopefully we can be intentional about meeting and caring about the people we don’t recognize this Saturday. I look forward to seeing you all there as we empower our own kids while reaching out into the community.

Houston Haynes



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