Drawing Nearer


    I recently got the chance to talk to my little brother, who is serving overseas in the Marines. It was really incredible to be able to hear his voice and catch up on each other's lives after not being able to talk for months on end. It was almost like we were back together for this short conversation, even though we're currently 7,500 miles apart. Too many people believe that this is their relationship with God. Many think of God as being extremely far away and not fully understanding of how we're feeling or what we're experiencing due to that distance. But occasionally we come into contact with him and make amends for a time before the distance becomes too much again. This is in no way true. In fact, one of the foundations of our faith is that God dissolved all distance by sending his son directly to us, and then followed that up by sending his Spirit to literally dwell within us. God is present in our lives any fully aware of every feeling and thought you have. He has in no way left you, but has fully embraced you. If there is a distance between you and God, it may be helpful to evaluate whether you've been drawing near to him or if you've been walking the opposite direction.

Houston Haynes


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