One of my favorite goals I see people make every year is to read the Bible all the way through. However, most of the time I see this goal being set by adults and hardly ever from our youth. So, young people, this article is for you this morning. I know the Bible is an incredibly big book with some confusing parts (like Leviticus) but I think it’s worth it to make the goal to read it in a year, and here’s why: 1) It’ll give you time spent with God every day. I hope you’re already reading your Bible every day, but if not this will give you clear guidance in doing that. 2) It’ll help you see the big picture. Sometimes we focus on the same pieces of the Bible over and over again and never mention certain parts that play a big role.  By reading the Bible from cover to cover you’ll see how God’s story fits together from creation to Revelation. 3) It’ll give you more confidence as a Christian. If you feel like you don’t know a lot about your faith, or have certain doubts, reading the Bible all the way through will help give you extra confidence in your faith, not only for you, but also for when you share it with others. 4) It’ll help you grow closer to God. Nothing will bring you closer to God than spending time reading his words and seeking him. Now I understand that this seems like too big of a challenge but let me give you some statistics. With an average reading speed you can read the entire Bible in 10.7 minutes per day. Who doesn’t have 10.7 minutes they can devote to God? The average person spends 111 minutes per day on the internet. 10.7 minutes is about the same amount as 3 songs. If you have time to listen to 3 songs per day you have time to read the Bible in a year. I hope you all embrace this challenge and realize how beneficial it is for your life!      

Houston Haynes